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We Love Making Our Clients Look Great

Your business only gets one first impression, so we’re on a mission to give our commercial clients a clean, safe, and perfectly prepared location. 

We’re thankful we get to serve right in our home area of Southwest Florida, where we began cleaning healthcare facilities in 2003. And, we pride ourselves on winning the long-term trust of every single building manager we partner with. 

If you’re looking for a cheap building vendor—then we’re not the right one for you. But, if you’re looking for quality assurance and a customized, all-encompassing building solution, then you might be the building partner we’re looking to serve.

Our Mission

The simple truth is, most commercial building managers waste too many days (even weeks) haggling with mom-and-pop cleaning and flooring vendors. But, we’ve found a better way — you don’t have to settle for second-rate anymore.

Phoenix Services is on a mission to bring simplicity, dignity, and down-to-earth service for commercial clients in Southwest Florida. 

Highly Trained & Certified Staff

We value our people at Phoenix. So, we invest days (and weeks) of intentional training into their growth. It's the perfect way to create wins all around for Phoenix, our employees, and our clients.

Long-term Partnerships That Build Trust

Some of our clients previously bounced from one building service vendor to another (every 8-10 months). Our goal is to erase that cycle and build long-term relationships with every new client partner.

Based in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is our home. You won't find us in the ivory towers of New York or Atlanta—we'll be right there on the project site with our cleaning and flooring crews. And, we're just a phone call away from any client with urgent needs.

Our Leadership Team

Phoenix Services was created in 2003, and we haven’t slowed down. Now, our team members bring decades of experience in the commercial building and cleaning industries to every building partner we serve. We’re thankful to have an outstanding leadership team of people-driven staffers committed to the success of our clients.

Erik Colleen

Project Coordinator

Jenna Colleen

Certified Building Contractor

Jon Colleen


Beth Colleen

Human Resources

Angie Castillo

Business Operations Director

John Dobson

Business Operations Manager​

Commercial Cleaning & Building Services in Southwest FL

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