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Industries & Florida Facilities We Serve

Businesses, hospitals, car dealerships, commercial office suites, and more outsource their facility cleaning needs to our experienced crews.

Healthcare & Hospital

Phoenix Services started in the healthcare industry, and there isn't a cleaning or flooring business that understands your needs better than our fully-trained and experienced team.

Accountant Offices

Your accounting office might not get as much foot traffic as a medical office, but you don't want your team working in a filthy workplace. We can work with your schedule to create a tailored cleaning package that fits your needs.

Commercial offices

Office buildings are notoriously difficult to clean or install flooring. Moving 219 cubicle desks takes a little elbow grease!

Dental Offices

Dental offices require many of the same cleaning certifications and business insurance as hospitals and other medical offices. Contact us here to get a commitment-free proposal for your building project.

Attorney & Law Offices

You can't afford not to put your best foot forward when meeting with clients or other lawyers.

Property Managed Buildings

Do you manage a multi-family or multi-business property? If so, then you know the meaning of busy all too well. Contact us at (941) 525-7114 to learn more about our cleaning, flooring, and painting services.

Car Dealerships

If your auto dealership is growing like planned, I'm willing to bet you've got tons of nightly cleaning on your radar — so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Financial Institutions

Banks and financial firms need a building services partner they can trust to a strict cleaning plan—and protect the privacy of your customers.

Schools & Education

Studies have proven that children are more creative in a clean workspace. And, we think teachers like a clean classroom as well. Get a personalized cleaning or painting quote for your educational space today.

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Need a new cleaning or janitorial services for your business? Learn how Phoenix can remove the stress of searching — and make you the hero of every team member.

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